Our History

BACCS was borne out of Buntingford in Transition, which was formed in 2014 by David and Rosey Woollcombe and Madela Baddock.  Our first venture was to start a Transition Streets initiative in the High Street and then in London Road where topics ranging from reducing energy and water consumption and waste in general to promoting local food growing and buying and more sustainable transport. It was also a great way to meet our neighbours – and see inside their houses!

We campaigned to keep the library on the High Street and had a host of ideas of making much more use of the library space, including a film club.  Although the library has remained on the High Street, there have been challenges regarding the refurbishment of the premises. However, this did not stop a dedicated crew from creating the highly successful Buntingford Film Club with the support of the Town Council.

As Buntingford in Transition, we campaigned for the reduction of single-use plastic under the banner of Plastic Free Buntingford , again with the support of the Town Council and raised awareness of the problem and solutions through presentations at local schools and community groups.

We held annual apple-pressing events and talks on Food Waste.

Community Garden – In 2018 Madela volunteered to manage the Community Garden in Baldock Road with a view to promoting the growing of fruit and vegetables to those who wanted to learn and to literally reap the “fruits of their labours”. The first year was dedicated to pumpkin growing and we held a “guess the weight” of the biggest pumpkin on the plot. All the rest were given away to anyone who wanted one.

Since then, we planted rhubarb, raspberries, gooseberries and strawberries. Thanks to a donation, we have also planted an apple cordon, plum cordon and cherry cordon, and last year another apple tree. We have also been planting vegetables for the taking, including courgettes, beans, beetroot, butternut squash, cucumbers and tomatoes. Disappointingly, our plans were put on hold last year due to the Covid-19 restrictions but this year we endeavoured to promote the garden as a space to grow, free of charge and with support but there has been little interest.

What we are doing now

We are collaborating with Buntingford Chamber of Commerce to promote sustainable business practice.

We are supporting the Buntingford 20s Plenty Campaign for a mandatory 20mph limit around the whole town.

The Future

We would love the people  of Buntingford and surrounding areas to join us in making the town and local area cleaner and greener, where we and future generations will thrive and develop resilience in the face of the challenges of a changing climate.

Ideas for the future include:

  • A Community Orchard
  • A Town Hall Meeting ahead of the Glasgow Climate Summit
  • A competition to get children in the town thinking what they would like Buntingford to look like in 2050/